Edel studied Exercise science, health and leisure. Edel has previously worked as a full time lecturer for Leisure Industry Academy Belfast
alongside running her own fitness business, and also volunteered for Leeds Rhinos rugby league team as a strength and conditioning coach. She has being participating in CrossFit for over 12 years and has also competed in various Olympic Weightlifting/Crossfit competitions.

Edel is passionate about teaching and coaching, and most importantly putting a smile on everyone’s face :).


Theresa has always been passionate about sport for recreation and health. She has been coaching for over 20 years and has qualified with a degree in sport and recreation and an MA in health promotion. Theresa took up Crossfit nearly 10 years ago and was hooked and from there went on to join the CrossFit Sligo coaching team 😉

“Here at CrossFit Sligo I get to live my passion by supporting members to gain confidence and strength in their bodies for life long participation with the friendly supportive environment of the gym making it an even better experience.”


Growing up Rob played a variety of sports the main two were Rugby League and football, when he finished playing sport he started training in the gym mainly bodybuilding style training then moved more towards Powerlifting style Training whilst mixing in some running and cycling he started Crossfit around 2014.

“I just loved the variety of different things to work on improving, my favourite lift is the back squat and my favourite movement is handstand walk. I have been coaching at the gym for a few years now and my favourite thing about coaching is seeing the people I get to work with hitting new personal bests.”


Eddie came to Crossfit by chance in his mid forties, got hooked and has spent almost a decade proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Eddie has completed a number of crossfit courses including, Scaling, Lesson Planning, Spot the flaw, Crossfit Kids, Crossfit Masters, Judges course and L2 Crossfit Coach.

Eddie believes Crossfit is ideal for training consistently through a wide number of diciplines for life long fitness.Eddie really enjoys coaching and he also has the best playlists for getting you pumped for class 🙂


David’s sporting background was extensively playing GAA, accompanied by some strength and conditioning training. When he finished playing he went looking for something to replace the training habits built up over years. To include a motivation for training in a community based environment as a way to improve fitness, learning new skills and having fun while doing so. Joining Crossfit Sligo ticked all these boxes. Having spent a number of years training under the direction of Gym owner Edel Fitzpatrick, David completed his Level 1 Crossfit certification and is happy to offer guidance and assistance to members old and new.

His advice to anyone interested in joining is:- Try Crossfit Sligo. Everyone is catered for irrespective of age or level of fitness.


AKA The Sweet Potato
CrossFit L1 coach

Siobhán started CrossFit in January 2018 and fell in love with not only the sport of CrossFit but also the community. “During lockdown, I decided to study to become a CrossFit coach and I started coaching in the gym in November 2021, I love coaching because I can help someone who might have had a stressful day at work or at home to forget about their stress, to move their body and walk out of the gym after class with a smile on their face. “My favourite movement in CrossFit is Olympic lifting but particularly the snatch. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours Degree) in Human Nutrition.

“I’ve enjoyed working with some of the members of CrossFit Sligo and their nutrition to reach their personal goals. I think people should come in to try a class at CrossFit Sligo because it’s a friendly and welcoming environment where everyone is working on improving themselves while having the craic (with the added bonus of listening to my stellar choice of music) Eddie might argue this !!” 🙂