Foundation Course

    • Foundation Course €100 ( 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks) PLUS 1 weeks free membership.
Our Foundation course is designed to give every member the opportunity to learn the fundamentals associated with Crossfit and is compulsory before joining one of the below memberships



CrossFit Membership

  • Unlimited membership €90 per month, includes all classes and full use of the facility during open gym time.
  • 3 Classes per week €80 per month, Open Gym will count as 1 of the 3 classes.
  • 2 Classes per week €70 per month, Open Gym will count as 1 of the 2 classes.

Family Membership

  • Unlimited monthly membership €80 each.
  • 3 Classes per week €70 per month each.
  • 2 Classes per week €60 per month each.

Drop in Fee

  • One off session €10 per session
  • Must have a minimum of 6 months CrossFit experience.
  • Please contact in advance to book your session

Fast Track & 1 to 1 Personal Training

  • Fast Track €150 ( 3 Personal Training Sessions for those unable to attend the Foundation Course)
  • Personal Training €50 per hour.


"Working with Edel Fitzpatrick was one of the biggest eye openers Iv had in the fitness industry! She has a vast experience and a foundation of knowledge on human kinetics and physiology second to none! Her take no nonsense attitude and positive influence on my training made such a difference to my mentality in terms of what I can achieve physically!! Absolute inspiration and absolute tank ;-) The pleasure (and the pain) was all mine and I'm sad I won't be coached by her again !! :-( World Class! "Michael Tully"