WOD 21-12-18


4 sets for QUALITY

10 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 20X0 tempo (alternating arms every rep – hold non-working arm at top of rep)
10 Clap Push Ups
8 Renegade Rows 22.5/15kg
*rest as needed between exercises*


5 rounds FT:

20/15 cal row

10 burpee over rower

Rest :60

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"Working with Edel Fitzpatrick was one of the biggest eye openers I've had in the fitness industry! She has a vast experience and a foundation of knowledge on human kinetics and physiology second to none! Her take no nonsense attitude and positive influence on my training made such a difference to my mentality in terms of what I can achieve physically!! Absolute inspiration and absolute tank ;-) The pleasure (and the pain) was all mine and I'm sad I won't be coached by her again !! :-( World Class! "Michael Tully"