Cameron Rickerby


Cameron has had over 2 years worth of CrossFit coaching experience at both Reebok Crossfit Northern Ireland and Crossfit Causeway.

Head Coach
2013 Titanic Games Champion CrossFit certified level 1 coach Crossfit coaching prep course Honours degree in Sports science
Cameron's main specialty is sports specific programming whereby his main goal is to get the best results for his clients and keep up to date with the most recent strength and conditioning research.

Cameron has an honours degree in sports science, foundation degree in sport and exercise science, and he is also a CrossFit certified level 1 coach and has completed his Crossfit coaching prep course. Cameron has had over 2 years worth of CrossFit coaching experience where he coached at the first and only Reebok affiliate in Ireland.  He has also coached at Crossfit Causeway.

Cameron won the 2013 Titanic games to be named the fittest male in Ireland. Cameron has also competed at various worldwide competitions, one major being the London throwdown. In summer 2013 he was selected for an internship with Ulster Rugby, where he assisted as a strength & conditioning coach for the Ulster senior team. Cameron is now currently running private strength and conditioning programming for elite level athletes via the internet.

"If it wasn't for Cameron (you cam do it) Rickerby I still would not be able to do a pistol squat to this day! I saw Cameron as an inspiration before he became a coach.. He was always first in and the last to leave! Banging out the skill work before and after wods.. Knowing that if he was going to be a real crossfitter that it was up to him!! When he became a coach he always pushed that extra rep out of me!! He always made sure I rested for no longer than 5 seconds before I was back on the bar! And his mobility wods that opened up the gate of pistol squats for I will never forget!! It was an absolute pleasure buddy! Go forth and make legendary cross fitters :) :) " "Michael Tully" (RCFNI)