Open Gym

Open gym will run through set times throughout the day ( Please check our timetable ).  It is in place so members can catch up on any missed workouts or to do their own training if desired.  It is also for non Crossfit members who want to come in and work on some strength or any type of lifting as long as they have experience.  So if you are part of a sports team or you are just simply looking for a squat rack then come train with us in open gym.

I have been on Cameron's fr23 athletics online programming for over a year now and have had mass gains in strength and cardio vascular endurance. The programming is great for me because it is tailored to my weaknesses and skills which I need to improve. I have competed in a number competitions over the past year and I feel I have gone into each of these in the best physical condition I could possibly have been in. Thanks coach Cam. "Will Smith" FR23 Athletics Athlete