Foundation Course

Our Foundation course is designed to give every member the opportunity to learn the fundamentals associated with Crossfit!!

Before beginning a monthly membership at CrossFit Sligo, new members must first complete our compulsory Foundation Course. It is a prerequisite that new members complete all 6 sessions (delivered 2 times a week over a 3 week period). The Foundation Course will emphasize the fundamental movement patterns and skills found within CrossFit. This course has been created to help prepare you to enter the main workout group. Each session will require you to take part in a workout, these workouts will be constantly varied and become increasingly more challenging as the course progresses.

At CrossFit Sligo we are aware that many of you will be nervous in the beginning but we have all been there including the coaches but these nerves will soon be a distant memory, our coaches are highly qualified and will be there to support you throughout this journey and will make sure your training is as enjoyable as possible.

Here at CrossFit Sligo we are constantly growing as a community and are very welcoming to all new members and you will soon feel part of the team once you join the main workout sessions.

To sign up to CrossFit Sligo’s upcoming Foundation Course you can either book your place in person by calling in with use at CrossFit Sligo, Rathedmond Rd, Finisklin Industrial Estate, Finisklin, Sligo or by the paypal link found at the bottom of this page. Weeks 1 -3 of this course will teach you the 9 foundational movements as well as a lot of supplementary exercises we use in our workouts. On the  4th week of our Foundation Course we will be offering you 1 weeks FREE membership which gives you full access to all the main CrossFit Classes including CrossFit Bodyweight. This will give you a taste for CrossFit and allow you to meet and train with the rest of the community here at CrossFit Sligo, you will then have the option to join one of our monthly memberships.

*We are aware that not everyone can commit to our Foundation Course due to work and various other factors, so we also offer a Fast-Track option. The Fast-Track option consists of a minimum of 3 personal training sessions at your convenience. Cost: €50 per session (1 hr 30 min)

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***Refunds are only available within 7 days from date of purchase prior to the course start date. Refunds will not be made once a course has started.

"If it wasn't for Cameron (you cam do it) Rickerby I still would not be able to do a pistol squat to this day! I saw Cameron as an inspiration before he became a coach.. He was always first in and the last to leave! Banging out the skill work before and after wods.. Knowing that if he was going to be a real crossfitter that it was up to him!! When he became a coach he always pushed that extra rep out of me!! He always made sure I rested for no longer than 5 seconds before I was back on the bar! And his mobility wods that opened up the gate of pistol squats for I will never forget!! It was an absolute pleasure buddy! Go forth and make legendary cross fitters :) :) " "Michael Tully" (RCFNI)