Crossfit Class

CrossFit challenges you in every way possible.

Crossfit classes are designed to mimic everyday movements and situations.  We have a different workout every day, (also known as “WOD”) which is designed to challenge your body in every different way and never let you reach a plateau.  At Crossfit Sligo we don’t have stationary machines, treadmills or mirrors, we have barbells, kettlebells, pull up bars, and a wide open area for jumping, climbing, running, squatting, Olympic lifting, and throwing.

Our programming is developed for scalability, which means any person of any type of fitness can partake and enjoy the exercise experience.  All ages of all ability’s are welcome as all the workouts are easily modified just by changing the load and intensity.

Reasons to Join our Crossfit classes:

  • Are you looking to get in shape but can’t face going to a gym
  • Have you lost interest in your gym routine
  • Do think you don’t have time to exercise
  • Are you looking to get faster or stronger in your sport
  • You are no longer seeing results with your current training regime, OR
  • You just want to look good in a bikini/speedos

If so come down and speak to our experienced coaches who will put you on the right track

"Working with Edel Fitzpatrick was one of the biggest eye openers I've had in the fitness industry! She has a vast experience and a foundation of knowledge on human kinetics and physiology second to none! Her take no nonsense attitude and positive influence on my training made such a difference to my mentality in terms of what I can achieve physically!! Absolute inspiration and absolute tank ;-) The pleasure (and the pain) was all mine and I'm sad I won't be coached by her again !! :-( World Class! "Michael Tully"