Crossfit Body Weight Class

Crossfit Body weight is designed for those who want a challenging but non technical workout, meaning without the use of technical barbell lifts or any heavy lifting.   It will incorporate all elements of using your own body weight in order to achieve the maximum from your workout but also maintaining efficiency throughout.  Our body weight class uses the same intensity and training methodology of CrossFit.  You will learn how to move correctly and improve your fitness capability’s to as much as you desire as our emphasis is on conditioning.  If you are on the fence about taking up Crossfit and cant stomach the thought of it but want the same intensity then why not try our Crossfit Body weight class.





"If it wasn't for Cameron (you cam do it) Rickerby I still would not be able to do a pistol squat to this day! I saw Cameron as an inspiration before he became a coach.. He was always first in and the last to leave! Banging out the skill work before and after wods.. Knowing that if he was going to be a real crossfitter that it was up to him!! When he became a coach he always pushed that extra rep out of me!! He always made sure I rested for no longer than 5 seconds before I was back on the bar! And his mobility wods that opened up the gate of pistol squats for I will never forget!! It was an absolute pleasure buddy! Go forth and make legendary cross fitters :) :) " "Michael Tully" (RCFNI)